Season 1, Episode 05 – Silent Kill, Falling Skies Recap

Season 1, Episode 05 – Silent Kill, Falling Skies Recap Hal infiltrates the hospital to save Ben (take five); Dr. Anne loses her composure over grief.

OMG WE HAVE TO SAVE BEN. For the fourth week in a row, the protagonists in Falling Skies are on yet another rescue mission to bring back Tom’s abducted son. Let’s hope they actually save the son of a bitch this time, so the show can finally move on from its vaguely formulaic structure.
The show finally gave Hal some meaty material to work with outside of his father’s shadow, and I must admit that I’ve really warmed to his character in this episode. Hal appears to have a mild case of attention deficit disorder, because this boy has a tendency to play around with something in the background while the grown-ups are divulging plot information. It’s quirky, but I like that subtle aspect about his character.
It’s also ridiculous and hilarious that Hal somehow became the most eligible bachelor in the post-apocalyptic world. He’s not even outright flirting with the girls, but Karen, Lourdes and now Margaret seem to be quite taken by him.

Maggie: Whaddup jailbait! Let mama give you some “private” crossbow lessons, mmmkay?

Keep in mind that Hal is just a very mature 16/17 y.o. high school student, while Maggie is at least in her twenties if not older. The show will never go *there*, but she’s practically robbing the cradle by this point lmao. (And you know Tom is the type of cool laidback dad who’ll go “GEDDIT SON!” in this situation.)
I had to take a screenshot of this makeshift target. They could have drawn a typical archery bullseye target, but I’m glad they stuck with this elementary school level artwork instead. Gotta love the prop department.
Margaret befriends a pregnant chick (there’s *always* one) named Sarah, who doesn’t feel comfortable living under the same roof as a caged alien.
It’s a good thing they keep the dangerous alien predator locked up with the highest maximum security possible!

Steven Weber realized that he’s guest starring on a shitty show, so he finds an incredibly stupid way to kill off his character. Dr. Harris opens the cage for no inexplicable reason and gets predictably mauled by the alien POW.

With Dr. Harris dead, Anne is now the only medical professional who can perform the surgical operation to remove the children’s harnesses.
WTF? How come Rick is still alive!?

I thought Rick died when that harness was ripped off from him last episode, but apparently he’s still alive and kicking, since Falling Skies clearly makes up the writing along the way for whatever suits the plot’s purpose.

Having gathered first-hand intel from Rick, Hal believes that he could put a harness on himself, pretend to be mind controlled, and sneak into the hostage facilities undetected. Tom is like *mumble* *grumble* “…maybe this isn’t such a good idea son”, but Hal throws down the gauntlet and will carry on this mission regardless.

Hal: LISTEN TO ME. If our series had a longer episode order, I’m sure the show would write more filler episodes to drag on this tiresome rescue-Ben plot, but we’re halfway through the season and we need to get Ben now!

Meanwhile, the women are putting together a baby shower for Sarah. Medical student Lourdes invites Margaret to come to the party, so that she’ll feel ~welcomed~ in the community.

Lourdes: It’s gonna be so much fun! We’ll sing Jesus songs and pray all day long and-
Maggie: NO THX.

After studying the alien prisoner for a while, Dr. Anne has come up with a way to silence these creatures during an attack.
She catches the alien off guard and hits it right in the most sensitive spot!
For a moment, it seems like Anne has gone completely OFF HER ROCKER, because she enters into the cage and confronts the stunned alien head-on!!!
But no, it turns out that Anne just wants to do some alien *fisting* and kills the motherfucker with HER BARE HANDS!!! *epic*
Her actions take Tom and Hal aback completely by surprise. Anne had inflicted more lethal damage with her hands than any of the other guys did with their machine guns. Oh put your rifle down Tom, you look like a doofus.
After the kill, Anne snaps at the two shell-shocked men: “WELL DON’T JUST STAND THERE YOU PAIR OF FOOLS. GET ME SOME HAND SANITIZER ASAP.”
Killing the alien prompts an immediate meltdown from the normally cool and composed Anne. She reveals how angry and distressed she felt ever since the aliens killed off her whole family. Unlike the other concerned parents at the school, she doesn’t even have a photograph of her own son!!!
The actress fails at crying on cue, so she expresses her rage by planting a bloody handprint on the bulletin board.
Hal and his papa exchange their goodbyes before he heads off for the espionage mission. Of course, since this is Professor Tom, he starts rambling ON AND ON AND ON AND ON, until his son tells him to STFU so he can finally go rescue Ben.
Having memorized the layout of the hospital with Rick and Maggie’s intel, Hal quickly infiltrates the building and locates where the children are kept at night.
Hal successfully joins the pack, while pretending to be one among the other brainwashed children.
The alien caretaker doesn’t suspect a thing. In fact, it even coddles Hal and the other children while they sleep! Its behaviour almost seems…maternal?
When the moment is right, Hal dives in for the kill. He goes *POW* *WOW* *KNIFE IN THE THROAT*. The alien tries to fight back and order its brainwashed children slaves to hold down the attacker, but Hal gets the better of the alien in the end.
All the children captives are immediately brought back to base camp, where Dr. Anne proceeds to remove their harnesses. Since Noah Wyle still has an unofficial medical license during his stint in ER, Professor Tom also helps out at the operation room.
To be fair, we never see these types of remove-alien-apparatus surgical operations on ER or even Grey’s Anatomy (and the latter show had *ghost* sex as a storyline)!!!
The children are rapidly weakening because their alien host is dead, but Dr. Anne manages to save Ben and four others just in time. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to save one single kid, and that’s still one too many death for any doctor (especially for a paediatrician like her).
It has been far too long since any female character paid attention to Hal, so he’s like HEY MAGGIE, U A RESISTANCE FIGHTER NOW? WELL, TRY TO RESIST MY MILLION DOLLAR WINNING SMILE THEN! ;)
Except Maggie is a total mood killer and talks about how she used to have cancer when she was younger. She had a 50/50 chance of living, which really changed her perspective towards life, even now.
Since it’s not enough that every female character on the show wants to bone him, even the viewers are not safe from Hal’s charms. He’s like “Oh look at me, so cool and suave, with one hand on my knee like I’m posing for an Abercrombie & Fitch photoshoot. Now let me hike up my pants and draw attention to my crotch area, heyo!”
We get a mandatory forlorn shot of Dr. Anne, who’s devastated that she let a child die. And to be honest, it’s quite alarming that the doctor character has the highest number of kills on this show so far!
Anne pulls her shit together though and attends the baby shower with the other women. Lourdes is like YOUR CHILD HAS GOD’S BLESSING AND- but Sarah is like BITCH DON’T START.
Tom is like, “Hold mah hands so you’ll feel better about killing an innocent defenceless child.” And Anne is like straining with effort to squeeze out a few tears for this occasion, but she’s still a few acting lessons away from pulling it off convincingly.
By the way, we also get a short Character Development subplot for Captain Weaver, who misses his family too and blah blah blah. Whatever, can someone remind me what his character actually does on this show again? Five episodes in and his contribution to the resistance is NADA.
Anyway, the most important part about this episode is that Ben FINALLY GETS SAVED, and the Mason family (sans wife) is happily reunited again.
It would be hilarious if the show went through all this trouble to rescue Ben and he still dies in the end, but alas the little prick wakes up just in time for the episode’s ending.
I’m just glad the RESCUE BEN stories are finally over, because they sucked up the entire first half of Falling Skies. Knowing this shitastic show though, they’ll probably devote the second half of the season with five episodes about rescuing Karen. *lol*

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  1. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Heh, I made it through 5 episodes of Save Ben already, so I might as well cope with 5 more episodes of Save Karen plotlines.

    Drew Roy is a revelation on this show. At first, I was like 'IDGI why are all the girls so smitten with his character?' but then he flashed that smile and I'm like *weak knees* SOLD.

  2. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Thanks! I liked Karen's character too, and this is one of the few shows where I thought the love triangle would be hilariously entertaining. But then Karen dropped off from the face of the earth. D:

    I love that Hal is such a playa. Add a few more women to his harem of love, and he can have his own dating reality TV show next season.

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