Season 1, Episode 03 – Prisoner of War, Falling Skies Recap

Season 1 Episode 03 – Prisoner of War – Falling Skies Recap Tom captures an alien as a prisoner of war; A harness is successfully removed from a child, or is it?

Welcome to another supersized recap of Falling Skies! The third episode was still a big boring crapfest, but I actually found the fourth one quite interesting to watch. So, I’m doubling the two episodes into one recap, because here at Recap Everything we value efficiency (and laziness FTW). Without further ado, let’s find out what our freedom fighters are up to!
Having done some intel on where the kiddie slaves are kept hostage, Professor Tom wants to embark on an ambitious mission to SAVE ALL THE CHILDREN. The curmudgeon general is like “NOPE, I’m gonna be disagreeable just to create conflict on this show”, but the colonel is like “NOPE, my hair is whiter than yours, which means I have more authority to overrule you. LET’S RESCUE THE CHILL’RUN!”
A fancy doctor (Steve Weber) recently arrived at the base camp to perform an operation procedure on the infected kids. Dr. Harris is confident that he can surgically remove the harnesses from the youths and still keep them alive.

Professor Tom and Dr. Harris share some prior history together. They used to know each other before the post-apocalypse, because Harris was there with Tom’s wife on the day she died.

By the way, Falling Skies wants us to believe *so* badly that the show takes place in the United States, and certainly not on some low-budget studio set in the Canadian town of Hamilton, eh? Hence, there’s a lot of patriotic imagery throughout the show, but this backdrop here is just downright RIDICULOUS.
In order for Dr. Harris to demonstrate his MAD SKILLZ, the mission is to bring back one kid – just one – from the hostage area. It was decided that Ben will be the one lucky child that they’d rescue, since the Masons won’t shut up about their missing kid. Plus, they have the biggest guns!
Unfortunately, the mission goes haywire when they’re accompanied by another man, Mike, who suddenly identifies his own missing son amongst the alien slaves!
Mike recklessly runs out of hiding and foils the entire mission. He’s happy to reunite with his captured son Rick, but upstaging the lead character disrupts the natural order of this show, which means VERY BAD THINGS will happen to them soon!
The robot guard detects their presence and causes a big *KABOOM*. Tom gets knocked down in the blast, but he’s like “Hey ladies and gents, take your eyes off the obvious plot holes and just focus on my delectable treasure trail ;)”
Hal and Karen aren’t able to escape the robot’s wrath though…
While Karen’s unconscious body is dragged away by the alien slaves, a robot suddenly shines a bright beam of light up Hal’s ass! (Oh, so it’s ~that~ kind of robot.)
To punish the humans for taking away one child captive, the aliens decide to kill five others as retaliation! Hal is forced to witness these killings, so that he can return to camp and relay a message to the resistance fighters: THE ALIENS AREN’T MESSING AROUND HERE!!!

I do respect any TV show that is ballsy enough to put children in the firing line and then obliterate them without batting an eye, so good job on your sadistic cruelty Falling Skies!

Tom is pissed off that his original mission didn’t carry out as planned, but Mike responds to his rage with a nonchalant apology: O SRY, MR LEAD CHARACTER, I WASN’T AWARE UR SON’S LIFE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS ON THIS SHOW.
We learn in this episode that these skitters are total weaksauce, because Tom actually manages to overpower the green spidery creature and win the one-on-one battle against an alien!
Tom even brings back the badly injured alien to the base camp, where the resistance will keep it locked up as a prisoner of war.
Dr. Harris successfully performs the surgery with relative ease. The harness is removed from Rick’s back and the boy is still alive.
After watching an episode of Falling Skies, I’m pretty sure Rick isn’t the only one in a comatose state right now.
There’s a very contrived story about how Dr. Harris left Tom’s wife for dead during the invasion. I think this is the show’s heavy-handed attempt to introduce moral ambiguities to their characters, but the whole confrontation just felt really flat. The doctor isn’t all that remorseful about Rebecca’s death, but he’s giving back to the community by utilizing his medical skills while he’s alive. Tom punches him in the face anyway.
We also get a silly filler subplot where Pope is revealed to be a badass culinary master chef, and he cooks a delicious meal for everyone at camp.
WAKE UP. It’s time for another shitfest episode of Falling Skies!!! I have to admit that I found “Grace” slightly more intriguing than the prior episodes, since it has an interesting plot point dealing with the alien POW. Plus, this episode features ~children assassins~ which is just awesome on so many levels.
This episode’s mission-of-the-week is to retrieve a number of motorcycles. The soldiers enlist the help of prisoner Pope, who will guide them to the exact location, though Maggie warns the crew not to trust this son of a bitch.

Matt: DADDY, I WANNA GO ON THIS MISSION TOO, since I am contractually obligated to appear in these unnecessary scenes every week so that I’m still relevant to the plot.

Speaking of irrelevancy, we finally get some one-line character development for the token minority characters. Sidekick #1 Anthony’s sole purpose on the show is to respond to Pope’s offensive remarks about racial stereotypes.
Sidekick #2 Dai is a sounding board for Tom so he can express his ~inner thoughts~ to the viewers without breaking the fourth wall. Dai also has no friends or family to care for, so he’s an utterly expendable character who will likely die in a future episode.
This week’s ridiculously shallow subplot involves Lourdes’ unwavering faith in God (don’t groan – this is still more interesting than Recipe Hour with John Pope last episode).


Jimmy: You don’t know any of these people. You’re not even from Boston. I heard you talking to Hal one night about how you grew up in Mexico City.
Lourdes: At least I wasn’t born and raised in Hell like you, Jimmy. Also, I happen to know God condemns nosy little perverts who eavesdrops into people’s intimate conversations. Now, let us pray for the remnants of your darkening soul, non-believer.
Dr. Anne is very interested in communicating with the captured alien, because she wants to learn about their motives and possibly devise a battling strategy for the war.
She even tries to display sympathy towards the creature, and unlocks the cage to give the alien some water! Surprisingly, the alien does not attack her.
Dr. Harris opts for a different strategy. He provokes the alien with a visual stimuli – the dead body of a skitter. Predictably, our alien POW responds unfavourably to the sight of its fallen comrade, and start rattling the cage all over the place. This proves Dr. Harris’ point that it is foolish to sympathize with the enemy during wartime.

Dr. Harris: Want a friend? Get a dog!

Dr. Anne becomes the advocate for alien rights all of a sudden, and she doesn’t think they should provoke the POW any further. Dr. Harris disagrees with her, and the two of them continue this debate as they leave the room – unattended. Uh oh.
The team also notices there’s static interference whenever the aliens try to communicate with one another.
The crew seemed to have let their guards down once they’re at the motorcycle store, which gives Pope ample opportunity to make his escape from imprisonment.

Pope: Hasta la vista, baby. No more cooking subplots for me!

OMG DAI DIED ALREADY. Goddamn, he really is an expendable character. *lol*
Nah, our token minority character is still alive albeit somewhat injured. Pope’s escape triggered quite the commotion, so an alien and its squad of mind-controlled children assassins quickly surround the perimeters. Dai and Anthony are like LET’S KILL THOSE KIDS LOLOLOL, but Tom is adamant that protecting the children is what distinguishes the humans from the aliens.
Instead of attacking, the guys just drive away on their motorcycles like a bunch of wimps! BOO!
Back at the headquarters, Rick finally wakes up from his coma but he doesn’t have any memory at all.
His paranoid papa believes the alien is tempering with Rick’s brainwaves. Mike tries threatening the POW who apparently passes out due to shock or something lol.
For some ridiculous reason, Rick is left in the same room as the alien POW unattended and unsupervised. Naturally, the alien commands Rick to attach the harness onto himself again!
By the time the adults find out what happened, it’s already too late for Rick. He is being controlled and manipulated by the alien POW once again.
Alien: MWHAHAHAHAHA, one of the greatest strengths in our species is the ability to exploit all the mammoth-sized plot holes on the show!!!
The alien is able to communicate its thoughts through the vessel of Rick. It even tries to negotiate a deal so that the alien can escape from captivity.
In the end, Mike can’t stand listening to his son spew such monstrous words and rips out the harness from his spine, thus instantly killing his own son. ;_;
(UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: It turns out Rick didn’t actually die *wtf*)
After witnessing what happened to Mike and Rick, Hal is uncertain whether Ben will be the same person even if they rescue him and remove his harness. Papa Tom is in ~*denial*~ and wants to be as optimistic as possible.
We end the episode with a group prayer led by Lourdes.
Lourdes: Dear God, I pray that Karen never gets rescued so I can continue hogging up all of her airtime. I pray that Ben will GTFO so we don’t ever have to hear his name again. I pray that Hal will give me the time of the day because he’s so stupid but oh so very hot. I pray that they give me more substantial scenes so I’m more than just a caricature spouting out scriptures all the time. Finally, I pray that the show will improve in quality and have more engaging plotlines. I mean, Jesus Christ, how can a show about an alien invasion be so goddamn tedious!? Anyway, amen.
General Weaver: A-FUCKING-MEN!!!

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